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something in the air

i love the autum season.  it's cool enough to get into all the baking i love to do.   tonight, eventhough , it's not baking- i've made a glazed ham with sweet potatoes and tossed salad for supper.  the glaze is something i created, and i'm quite happy with how it turned out.

this summer when herbs and produce are in season and oh so yummy, i took the oppurtunity to infuse some local honey with unique flavors.   the honey i used on my ham   was infused with citrus and hot peppers.    those things in combination with the sweet really  makes the taste buds dance!   i have also made these infused honeys

=lemon  basil
=vanilla  and star anise

they are easy to make and your imagination is the limit.===all that is need is a mason jar with the lid-honey-and what ever herbs-spices-fruit you wish.  let them sit in the honey for a week or so then strain and put back in sealable container. do not refridgerate.   the longer you leave herbs, etc.. in the honey the stronger the flavor.   i love putting lemon or lime zest in.


i have been on ep before. i had written a lot of short stories , some i thought were pretty good. i also added recipes and menu ideas. i deleted every thing when i left. i think it's the right time to get back into blogging. this might not be read by anyone but me. but if there are those, that might find this--i hope you enjoy my future posts and check out my posts often.

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